Compartment Syndrome Surgery

What is Chronic Compartment Syndrome?

This is also known as chronic exertional compartment syndrome or exercise-induced compartment syndrome. It causes exercise-induced pain in the affected area of your legs or arms. It is common in athletes who participate in sports that involve repetitive impact exercise, such as running and fast walking.


The pain associated with chronic compartment syndrome can be described as aching, burning or cramping pain in the affected limb which is usually the lower leg. Pain due to chronic compartment syndrome typically begins soon after you start exercising and progressively worsens during exercise. The pain usually goes away within 30 mins of finishing, but over time, may begin to persist longer after exercise, possibly lingering for a day or two.

Treatment Options

Taking a complete break from exercise or performing only low-impact activity may relieve your symptoms. If you return to the previous level of exercise, the symptoms may return, thus requiring surgical treatment. Surgical treatment is usually a fasciotomy. A fasciotomy is an operation under general anaesthetic where the fascia (connective tissue bands) surrounding the muscles are opened to release the pressure.


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